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Clear solutions to your complex environmental questions.

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Best Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.

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Western Colorado Environmental Services and Site Assessments

Your Best choice for Commercial Property Environmental Assessments from Vail, Colorado to Moab, Utah and from Price, Utah to Telluride, Colorado.


Phase I ESA
  • Historical Research
  • Environmental Records
  • Interviews
  • Site Inspection
  • Report to ASTM Standard
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Clear solutions to your complex environmental questions.

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Phase II Environmental Assessment
  • Soil Test
  • Determining target compounds
  •  Legally-defensible




Phase II Site Assesment

If environmental contamination is discovered or suspected, a Phase II site assessment is often performed to determine the extent of contamination across the property.


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Experience Matters

28 years of experience means we know who to talk to and how to get through the Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and maze of regulations to get you back on track.

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Commercial Property Screenings


Municipal Clients

We specialize in hazardous materials and waste management consulting.   Specific service areas are described below. Clean properties are confidently purchased and developed.

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28 Years Of Experience in Environmental Services

Is my property clean? Can a Phase 1 ESA Help?

Phase I With Avant Environmental


Phase II Grand Junction


Commercial Site Remediation Colorado


Site Monitoring for Grand Junction


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Phase I Environmental Assesment and Beyond.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for Commercial Real Estate.

Is my property clean?

Phase II Site Assessments for sound investment and owner decision making.

Where is the environmental contamination?

Site Assessments for Banks, Brokers, and Developers.

Are my investments and collateral secure?

Environmental Transaction Screens from Eastern Utah to Western Colorado.

Is there an easier way?

Your Best Choice for Phase I ESA Reports.

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