American Institue of Professional Geologist (AIPG)

Institue of Hazardous Materials Management

Mesa County Local
Emergency Planning
Committee (LEPC)

Grand Junction
Small Business Development Center


Certified Hazardous
Materials Manager
(CHMM #11357)

Certified Asbestos
Inspector and Project
(CDPHE 8738)

Petroleum Storage Tank Consultant
(Colorado OPS #5708)

Certified Professional
(CPG 08861)

Professional Geologist

Mr. Edward Baltzer, president, has 24 years of experience providing environmental services in Colorado, with over 20 of those years in the Grand Junction regional market. He is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, a Certified and Registered Professional Geologist, has asbestos inspector and project designer certifications, has an M.A. in Geology and Environmental Sciences, State University of New York, and a B.A. in Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado. He is a Registered Professional Environmental Scientist #5078, Colorado Oil Inspection Section, and has other certifications and professional affiliations.

He understands the regulations driving the industry, has prepared many different types of environmental reports and permits, and knows the regulatory community very well. He also has an additional 10 years of experience in the natural sciences as a Quaternary geologist working in Neotectonics and in soil morphology.

He knows many individuals and companies who work in the environmental industry in the area, and is able to work with them to provide the best mix of services to clients.


Edward Baltzer, President of Avant Environmental Services, Inc

Our Mission Statement:

Avant Environmental safely provides high-quality services with complete peace of mind for your environmental concerns. We are at the front guiding you and your projects through the regulation maze.

Ed Baltzer


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24 years of experience means we know who to talk to and how to get through the maze of regulations to get you back on track.


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